In-Office Lab Testing

In-Office Lab Medical Testing Jacksonville

Medical lab tests are scientific examinations performed on blood, body fluids, tissues and other substances to help your doctor determine your current health condition. At Family Care Partners, our highly trained and courteous laboratory staff is ready to help with all of your clinical needs. Each of our seven locations is fully automated and equipped with in-office lab medical testing for advanced diagnostics and treatment. All offices offer limited STAT testing with convenient results within 1 hour. Family Care Partners main laboratory preforms the balance of STAT testing with reporting within 2 hours. Your doctor may request one or many lab tests depending on the reason for your visit. Lab results help our care providers identify changes in your overall health, diagnose disease, plan your treatment and evaluate how you are responding to medications as well as monitor the course of any disease over time.

At Family Care Partners, we thank you for choosing us as your primary care provider and respect that your time is of the utmost importance. Our promise to you is that our doctors and staff will help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, and not wasting it in our waiting rooms. When you need FCP in-office lab medical testing, you can rest assured that your physician will have fact-based evidence to provide you with the best possible care and course of treatment. For your convenience, our offices are also interfaced with Quest, Labcorp and Consolidated Laboratories to obtain results from samples we have drawn or that they had taken at any Reference Lab draw site. Due to our dedicated staff, advanced instrumentation and automated information systems, we offer turnaround times that are some of the best available on all lab work in Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Johns.

Do You Need to Fast Before Medical Lab Tests?

Fasting means to not eat or drink anything for approximately 12 hours prior to your medical lab tests. Typically, you do not need to fast unless your doctor has ordered lab work that requires fasting for a more accurate analysis. Blood glucose and lipid panel are two common lab tests that generally require the patient to fast. Your doctor will advise you in regards to taking your daily medications as certain medicines may interfere with the results. Allowed medications are normally taken with only a small amount of water.


NOTE: Your lab results are only a part of the total diagnostic picture of your health and wellness. Your doctor will base his or her decisions on a physical examination of your symptoms, medical history, lab results and other diagnostic tests, such as digital imaging.



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