Care Coordinators

Care Coordinators

Family Care Partners has a team of expert certified health care professionals, experienced nurses, patient services representatives and benefits specialists who are here to guide you through every step of your healthcare journey.

FCP can help you with:

  • Answering claims, billing and benefit questions
  • Finding in-network providers
  • Seeking Nurse support for a health condition
  • Saving money on out-of-pocket costs
  • Understanding how to get the most from your benefits
  • Learning simple steps to improving your health
  • Managing your needs to make the healthcare process easier

Our goal is to work closely with you to ensure the best possible care for you and your loved ones.


If you have a medical condition requiring multiple services from multiple providers, you may be invited to participate in Case Management. If so, you will receive the contact information for a professional Care Coordinator who will provide you with additional support about our clinical Care Coordination.



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