About Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


At Family Care Partners we maintain an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for every patient.   This EMR is an electronic version of your medical history and includes all of the key clinical and administrative data relevant to your care. This EMR includes demographics, notes, medications, vital signs, medical history, immunization history, lab data and radiological reports. It streamlines access to your health information and gives any caregiver quick access to valuable health and wellness data.  Our EMR assists other care-related activities, including evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting.

Your Records Are Always Accessible

We connected our Family Care Partners medical offices using our state-of-the-art electronic medical records (EMR) technology. You never have to worry about which family doctor or internal medicine physician is available at the time you need an appointment. Our electronic medical records are remotely accessible for our doctors, nurse practitioners and clinicians. Important patient information is well organized, legible and interactive. In addition, our electronic prescriptions are completely legible and can be faxed directly to your pharmacy. We recognized the best way to save our patients time and money was to be highly efficient in providing our services for family practice medicine and pediatric healthcare.

Medical Information Securely Shared

Our Electronic Medical Records are secure, legible & accurate, organized & interactive, remotely accessible, prescription friendly and immunization responsive. Whether you need a sports physical completed on Saturday morning or your kid’s shot records updated with an evening appointment for an immunization, Family Care Partners has seven locations connected by the latest electronic medical records technologies for your convenience. Your family can count on having a family doctor, pediatric physician, allergy doctor or internist available when you need an appointment for routine family medicine, unexpected injury or sudden illness. All of your pediatrics and medical information is securely stored and can be easily shared when you or a family member have follow up visits or need reports generated.

Family Care Partners EMR system is the next step in healthcare and strengthens the relationship between you and your care team.  This valuable record enables the entire team at Family Care Partners to make better decisions and provide you with better care. Talk to a Family Care Partners’ team member to learn more.



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