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CDC Check Up Check List

Have you made an appointment to see your doctor recently? Have you done the usual paperwork? Think you are done? Not quite!
Review this CDC-authored Health Check-Up Check-List before seeing your doctor next time.


Do You Know Your ABCDEs?

Learn the ABCDE rule of skin cancer and explore what each letter represents. Early detection at home can save your life! To learn more about warning signs for melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, check out Skin Cancer Information.


Prevention Plan Services for Medicare Patients

Did you know Medicare covers an Annual Visit providing personalized Prevention Plan services for their recipients?

Check out this resource that explains the ABCs of the Annual Wellness Visit: Medical Annual Wellness Visit


How Much Do You Know About Your Kidneys?

Learn more about your kidneys with this informative video and take the quiz today:

Your Kidneys and You

Kindney Challenge Quiz


Colorectal Cancer Awareness

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month!
Check out this basic fact sheet from CDC on Colorectal Cancer Screening to learn if you are at high risk.

Colorectal Cancer Screening




ERgent Care for Your Urgent Care Needs

Family Care Partners has a new addition dedicated to urgent and acute medical cases. If you are a patient with us, you can visit the ERgent Care for anything from cuts, scrapes, and burns, to chest pains and dehydration. Click here for a video tour!

We are excited to announce the opening of the ERgent Care Center, adjacent to Family Care Partners Northside, behind Advance Auto Parts.


FCP physicians have teamed up with ERgent Care, so if you have seen an FCP physician, your medical record and your insurance information will already be available to the care team. That means less paperwork and much less wait time!

Hours are M-F 8AM – 8PM and Sat/Sun 10AM – 6PM.
1615 Dunn Avenue, Suite #1
Jacksonville, FL 32118





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