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Family Care Partner's urgent care center is conveniently located just minutes from the Jacksonville International Airport west of I-95 at 1215 Dunn Avenue, Suite #1. With expanded hours of operation, ERgent Care doctors and staff can help you feel better with less of a wait. Our goal is to provide those in need of walk-in urgent medical services an alternative to more costly, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms.

We are fully equipped to handle medical emergencies*, such as:



Acute Fractures  

Allergic Reaction

Auto Accidents

Animal Bite Wounds

Asthma Attacks   

Back Pain


Chest Pains




Ear Pain

Eye Wash


Flu Symptoms


Heart Palpitations

IV Therapy


Kidney Infections

Minor Fractures

Minor Burns/ Sunburn


Non-cardiac Chest Pain


Puncture Wounds


Shortness of Breath    

Sinus Infection

Sore Throat

Sports Injuries

Sprains & Strains

Stat Lab




Tetanus Shots

Urinary Infections


Viral Infections


Work Injuries

Wound Care

X-Rays and Imaging





Extended Hours and Weekends 

Our ERgent Care Center is open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. When you select Family Care Partners ERgent Care Center, your family always receives the highest quality of medical services from our board-certified physicians, physician's assistants and clinicians.

*NOTE: Should your condition require additional medical attention, our emergency triage services do include emergency room processing and arrangement for transportation to a nearby hospital.

FOR PATIENTS: ERgent Care Center provides all of the convenience and proximity of a normal Urgent Care Clinic, but has many of the more advanced procedures found in a hospital ER. You can be seen when you need to be seen, and avoid the normal headaches associated with the typical ER experience. In addition, for patients already in the system of Family Care Partners and their affiliates, your current medical records are instantly available upon your arrival and instantly updated upon your departure.

FOR PHYSICIANS: ERgent Care Center provides a new facility to refer patients to when you are not available for an appointment. As the referring physician, you can take confidence in the fact that you will receive a full update of the patient visit for your records within 48 hours, by electronic medical record transfer, fax or hand delivery by one of the ERgent Care Staff.



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